One To Watch - The Great Ticket Scandal

One to watch this week: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dispatches/episode-guide/series-108/episode-1

I, like millions of others, LOVE LIVE MUSIC. And as someone who's done (and still tries to do) his fair share of moshing with the masses, this latest 4oD documentary hit harder than any concert beat.

If you’ve ever used and been sceptical of ticket selling websites, wondering how and why tickets get sold out so quickly but then reappear on other sites being sold at ‘astronomical’ inflated prices – you need to watch this. Organisations like viagogo and Seatwave are ripping you off with industrial level of corruption, deceit and public manipulation. Big shout out to investigative journalist/legend Paul Myles – click on the link for a royal piss-take/rude awakening.