Film Preview: Africa United (out October 22!) - Ctrl.Alt.Shift

One for the Rugrats, Stand By Me generation...

The story follows a group of children who make their way across various countries in Africa to audition for the opening ceremony of the South Africa World Cup 2010 - but their journey sees them having to confront any and all of issues that engulf sectors of their nation; from poverty, to conflict, HIV and human trafficking...

The ride of their lifetime begins in Kigali, Rwanda, as football prodigy Fabrice, his best friend and miniature blazer-wearing manager 'Dudu' (not the Brazilian superstar), and Dudu's little sister Beatrice get off to rough start; sneaking onto the wrong bus, and ending up in the Congo without papers or money.

From there they go from refugee camp to HIV clinics, fending off wild animals and trigger happy criminals. It's a 3,000 mile rollarcoaster that spins through Rwanda, the Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa - and not without laughs, a mass of Premiership-heavy football references, and extra players signing up to Dudu's mission along the way (including child orphan Foreman George and sex worker Celeste) - as they band together in a quest to put Fabrice on the 'big stage' he deserves.

Check it out - like the Galacticos, this movie is the 'Real' deal (a terrible footy pun there, but Africa United really is worth a trip to the big screen).

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