Mentoring @ The Creative Media Camp 2010

I headed down to Camberwell College last month to speak to a room of inspirational and excited young people - my mission was to gear them up for campaigns and positive action with the next generation on the frontline...

After running through my portfolio - including my various projects with Ctrl.Alt.Shift (www.ctrlaltshift.co.uk),flashmobbing for fair trade, exposing the BNP, and getting in the fac of corrupt Lords (from the House of) - it was time for them to show me how they'd propose raising awareness and money for the Haiti earthquake victims. The question simply was: 'What kind of event would put on a year after the disaster?'

15 minutes later, and the 4 different groups pitched some of the craziest (and best) ideas I have heard from any full-time campaign coporate; visions ranging from putting a GIANT 'piggy-bank' in the centre of Trafalgar Square, to a nationwide 'Mexican wave' video flashmob, a Haiti festival and more...

That session (though it was a small part of the week-long Media Camp) could reignite anyone’s apathy in our youth today – and the video below is a tribute to them.

Our youth = a brighter future? You damn right.