Youth-Led Media Network Bidding For Barclays £50,000!

Get on board peoples! As aforementioned in many of my past blog posts, the Youth-Led Media Network is well in motion - a huge UK-wide directory of youth-led media organisations and playas in the field; offering contacts, jobs and mentoring, training and general peer-on-peer chit-chat.

The young Network directors (a team of around a dozen, including moi) have already received a mass of support and endorsements (not least from over 150 youth-led media organisations across the nation), but funding is required to put all the thoughts and strategies into action.

One of our routes has been to pursue the Barclays Business Take One Small Step Competition, where they offer £50,000 to boost ten business ideas (hopefully one of those will be ours!)

To show your support on our dreams to fully engage and connect the potential of the UK's youth media, check out the link below, add a comment, click and give a thumbs up - it's a 60 second action to support a progressive plan we fully believe is needed:



Ctrl.Alt.Shift 'Dear Diary' Event & Exhibition

From Kenya to the UK, from Kurt Cobain to Anais Nin, this 'Dear Diary' event is going to turn heads across the nation. All the info is below and here, the exhibition is only open for two weeks so get your asses down to Covent Garden and sneak a gander at some limited edition material...


Ctrl.Alt.Shift Haiti Update, Comic Tour + Fiddy's Farewell

The end of one era = the eruption of new one (at least that's my current mission, as newly appointed digital content editor of Ctrl.Alt.Shift). With so many achievements roped in by the former editor, my mentor and friend, Chantelle Fiddy, I dare say there's a daunting (albeit exciting too) follow-up journey ahead. But my plan is to continue the hard-hitting edge of CAS content, retain the old, whilst bringing in new passionate contributors (jet me an email if you're up for the challenge!) who will be the social commentors on current affairs for the next generation - look out for reports from Ghana to the Middle East...

Below is my latest round-up for the initiative, and first report as editor. I give thanks and endless love to the Fiddy, give the latest stats on our Haiti appeal, with a low-down on how our Unmasks Corruption comic UK tour is going, and a heads up on our rave in Manchester. All good things now, and upon the horizon. Enjoy the next chapter, I'm writing it as I go along:

CAS Round-up: Comic Tour, Haiti News, And A Fond Farewell

With so much going in the world of Ctrl.Alt.Shift right now, we thought we’d round up the latest action – just in case you’re struggling to juggle our manic movements across the nation…

Our Haiti work has come over leaps and bounds since the tragic earthquake in January. Following the Haiti rave we held two weeks after the quake (which brought in over £10,000 from supporters/ravers), in February, Ctrl.Alt.Shift launched a massive auction through eBay; selling off bundle after bundle of amazing and unique items to raise even more money for the Haiti emergency appeal.

We auctioned a lifesize Kung Fu Panda, signed cds, concert tickets, a Kate Moss handbag, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hang out with Diversity at their studio, two signed Sony PSPs, and loads of other collector's items…

The auction is now closed, but we’ve got great feedback from some very happy customers, including, “Fantastic, glad to support the cause and also get something I wanted!” and, “Greatttttttttttttt AAAAAAAAA++++++++++++” (little sense – but we understood the sentiment). Altogether we sold about 20 items and have raised more than £2200, bringing our total for Haiti to well over £12,000 – and you can find out where your money went here. Also note you can continue to donate to the cause here.

With Haiti’s people in our sights, that hasn’t stopped us building our movement across the UK – which has been growing with our Unmasks Corruption comic exhibition tour. We’ve hit Bristol, Nottingham, Liverpool and Leeds so far – with Manchester’s Noiselab being our next pit-stop on the map (details coming soon).

Manchester’s getting a double dose of CAS action this month, as on April 30 we will collaborate with Mind on Fire for a dubstep showcase to kick-start your summer. Contact Theatre is the venue, £4 on door is the price, so book it in and make sure you don’t miss out on the live artwork, films, and groundshaking beats provided by Nedry, In The Loop and a host of other DJ’s.

With all this, our CAS world of content bids a fond farewell to the beloved Chantelle Fiddy who has moved on to pasture new...

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