Monorex Interview - RWD Magazine

As far as the art of graffiti and entertainment go - Monorex bring it to a whole new level. Check up the vid on the mad project they call 'Secret Wars' which is turning heads across the globe. Below is the interview I did for RWD Magazine with 'T' from the Monorex crew:

Monorex: The Writing’s On The Wall
It’s not just musicians that are heating up the British Isles creative juices; we’ve got some of the world’s coolest artists too. But who are the new Banksy, D-Face and Space Invaders of ’08? RWD meets Monorex, a creative design collective of talented artists from all over the UK. Interview by Dwain Lucktung...

I know you guys are undercover, so who are we talking to?
My name is ’T’, and I’m the main Monorex honcho.

How did you get into the art game?
Well, I finished university with a degree in animation and started the Monorex collective just over three years ago. We now play host to over 30 talented artists and creatives.

What do you think about people being arrested and imprisoned for graf? Have you ever had problems from the law?
Do what you feel best to do - we create spray commissions, we do not call it graf as what we do is legal and is produced for completely different reasons. We respect the illegal side, but that is not what we do (anymore)! To be honest, we don’t like using the word ’graffiti’ as it’s different from what we do - of course some of guys came from that world, but they are now full-time freelance artists.

As well as Nike, Ecko, Reebok and Vauxhall, you also hold underground art battles called Secret Wars, right?
Yeah, it’s 90 minutes, black paint on white walls, one on one. We have two judges and a decibel crowd vote to decide the winner. We hold them all over the country. It’s basically set up like an FA cup, with knockout rounds to the final.

Who thought up the idea?
Monorex run the production of it but I thought of the idea of Secret Wars a couple of years ago. Since then, things have flourished very quickly with collabos alongside Reebok and Ecko. Plus the franchising of different cities across the UK (London, Birmingham, Southampton) with more to follow... The winner gets a large, engraved ’Secret Wars’ trophy, a cash prize of £1000 and prizes from sponsors like clothing, watches and technology...

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